The goal

No matter how you dress it up and how carefully they word their “reasonable concerns”, anti-trans groups and individuals are not trying to protect anybody; their goal is to make it impossible for trans people to exist. Which explains why the supposed protectors of women’s rights seem quite happy to pal around with people and groups who are actively hostile to women’s reproductive freedom and legal rights as long as they really hate trans people.

Julia Serano’s newly published piece on the gender critical (GC) movement explains it very well.

[They] have made their position quite clear: They are squarely on team “push trans people out of the public sphere.” They may dress it up in esoteric language (“gender ideology,” “sex-based rights,” “adult human female”) and hyperbolic statements (“the greatest assault of my lifetime on women’s rights”), but if you look at the entire body of what they are proposing, it’s a world that is utterly inhospitable for trans people…

GC/TERFism is not just a flawed strand of feminism. It is an anti-trans discrimination movement first and foremost. And it should be recognized as such.