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  • Toxic workplaces

    I’ve said many times that I live an unusually charmed life compared to many trans people, the majority of whom are not middle-aged, middle-class media freelancers. A new workplace survey of trans people by YouGov demonstrates that for those people, things aren’t great. The study found: 65% of trans employees hide their trans status at […]

  • Sparkling transphobia

    Another good piece by Vice: “Gender Critical” feminism isn’t feminist. It’s just transphobic If you read the news, it’s easy to think that gender-critical thinking is the dominant mode of British feminism. That can be terrifying for trans and non-binary people, especially when we are increasingly bombarded with transphobic headlines; an IPSO report in 2020 […]

  • Bring it on

    Happy New Year when it comes. I hope your 2023 is full of love, laughter and joy.

  • Redecorating

    Just an admin note: I’ve reverted the blog to its previous template because the new one mangled some characters and did weird things with quoted text. It’s not quite right yet so please excuse the dust.

  • Merry Christmas

    I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog for a while now: family things, a ridiculously heavy workload and adopting a greyhound have kept me away from the keyboard in the last few months. There are many fun things coming in 2022, but right now my RSI-addled hands need a rest. I hope you have a […]

  • All men

    Jessica Valenti: Yes, All Men. The majority of ‘good’ men prop up sexism in all sorts of ways: Those who complain about #MeToo and not being able to ask out coworkers anymore make life easier for virulent workplace harassers. Men who joke about locking up their daughters pave the cultural way for paternalistic policies that […]

  • What you didn’t see in the papers

    There was an important legal judgement yesterday that, despite being about trans people, has somehow failed to make it into the papers. London’s High Court threw out the attempted judicial review of the Equality Act 2010 by LGB Alliance co-founder and trustee Ann Sinnott, saying that her case was “unarguable” and that her interpretation of […]

  • “This isn’t homeschooling”

    For many parents, today is the beginning of another block of having the kids attending school virtually rather than in person. It’s many things – difficult and exhausting, mainly – but it’s not homeschooling. Dr Mary O’Kane on Twitter: This is not ‘home schooling’. Home schooling is a conscious decision made by some parents having […]

  • Beans and being mean

    If you’re not Very Online, you may have missed Bean Dad: for a full day social media was sharing and/or piling on a man who posted about teaching, or rather not teaching, his daughter to use a can opener. Emily Pothast explains it: …despite a bombshell story about Trump attempting to manipulate the outcome of […]

  • The great bucatini shortage

    This article made me laugh: Why is there a bucatini shortage in America? Being educated noodle consumers, we knew that there was, more generally, a pasta shortage due to the pandemic, but we were still able to find spaghetti and penne and orecchiette — shapes which, again, insult me even in concept. The missing bucatini felt […]