I genuinely don’t understand how anyone can read stories like this one and still believe that anti-trans activism or legislation is about protecting anybody from anything; the goal is to be as cruel as possible to trans people and their families.

This latest example comes from Florida, whose exceptionally vicious anti-trans witch-hunt appears to have informed both the Cass Review and UK government policy:

A Florida public school employee who faces firing because she allowed her transgender daughter to play girls high school volleyball assailed those who outed her child, saying Tuesday that the ensuing investigation destroyed the girl’s life.

…Norton told the school board Tuesday that her daughter had been elected freshman and sophomore class president, was selected the student body’s director of philanthropy and was a homecoming princess. That all ended when the investigation began and the girl left Monarch.

“They destroyed her high school career and her lifelong memories,” Norton said. “I saw the light in my daughter’s eyes gleam with future plans of organizing and attending prom, participating in and leading senior class traditions, speaking at graduation and going off to college with the confidence and joy that any student like her would after a successful and encouraging high school experience. And 203 days ago, I watched as that life was extinguished.”

…When investigators interviewed the Monarch volleyball players, they said the team did not change clothes or shower together, so they were never disrobed with Norton’s daughter. All three said they knew or suspected Norton’s daughter is transgender, but it didn’t bother them that she was on the team. The Knights went 13-7 last season.

“I didn’t really have a problem with it because I didn’t think she was a threat or anything to anyone else,” one girl told investigators.