“The sign of a severely broken system”

Longreads has an excellent article by Mailee Osten-Tan about the people who travel to Thailand for gender confirmation surgery. It’s great journalism, based on extensive research and interviewing (there’s a behind-the-story piece detailing it all here) and the story Osten-Tan tells is interesting, insightful and empathetic. Thailand is famous in trans circles, and the more… Continue reading “The sign of a severely broken system”

Not Safe To Be Me

Did you hear about Safe To Be Me? If you’re not on LGBT+ social media, probably not. It was the Conservative government’s sole manifesto commitment to the LGBT+ community, the establishment of an international conference to promote LGBT+ rights. The problem with that is that right now, one of the worst offenders against LGBT+ rights… Continue reading Not Safe To Be Me

Everything is awful

Trans Actual has published the results of its 2021 Trans Lives survey, in which around 700 UK trans adults shared their experiences. The results aren’t surprising but they are saddening. 27% of trans people have been homelessness at some point in their lives. That rises to 36% for both trans BPOC and trans disabled people;… Continue reading Everything is awful

Salad daze

This, by Amanda Mull for The Atlantic, is brilliant: Don’t Believe The Salad Millionaire. It’s about the CEO of a salad chain for affluent customers. Said CEO claimed that the solution to COVID wasn’t masks or vaccinations: it’s salad. Americans are too fat, too lazy, and it’s their fault if they get sick. As Mull… Continue reading Salad daze

Trans Broken Arm Syndrome

While I’m on the subject of healthcare, this piece by David Oliver for USA Today is very good. Ever broken a bone? You know your first thought: “Ouch!” But what if said health care worker was too busy asking about your gender identity instead of focusing on mending your broken bone? Sure, it’s important to record and… Continue reading Trans Broken Arm Syndrome

Screening saves lives

Inclusive language is a favourite topic of right-wingers and bigoted authors: look at what the silly minorities are demanding now! But the reality is that inclusivity can really be a life or death matter. Writing in the i Paper, Patrick Strudwick talks to deputy House of Lords Speaker Ian Duncan about the death of his… Continue reading Screening saves lives

A global hate campaign

The horrific new anti-women legislation in Poland, a near-total ban on abortion, is already harming women. The country already had some of the strongest anti-abortion legislation in Europe, and it has now removed the exception for foetal abnormalities. According to the New York Times, 1,074 of the 1,100 abortions performed in Poland last year were… Continue reading A global hate campaign

Conspiracy magnets

Something that’s become really apparent in the final days of the Trump administration is that cranks of a feather flock together. If you believe that the US election has been stolen, chances are you also believe that the COVID vaccine contains microchips, and that furniture shop Wayfair traffics stolen children. Thanks to Twitter I discovered… Continue reading Conspiracy magnets