In Rainbows

June is Pride Month in the US, and because so many brands are global now that means it’s Pride Month here too. Social media managers have changed their brand avatars to include rainbows, and at the end of the month they’ll take the rainbows away again. And in the meantime, they may not do a… Continue reading In Rainbows


I learnt a new word today: copaganda. It’s when you try to change the news agenda to protect the reputation of the police, and it’s happening just now over the trial of rapist, murderer and police officer Wayne Couzens. This is from Sky News: “It’s something that will stay with me for the rest of… Continue reading Copaganda

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Salad daze

This, by Amanda Mull for The Atlantic, is brilliant: Don’t Believe The Salad Millionaire. It’s about the CEO of a salad chain for affluent customers. Said CEO claimed that the solution to COVID wasn’t masks or vaccinations: it’s salad. Americans are too fat, too lazy, and it’s their fault if they get sick. As Mull… Continue reading Salad daze

“You are not one of the witches. You are one of the witch-hunters”

A fantastic thread from author Dr Claire Askew on the ignorance of bigots claiming to be the descendants of witches. Turns out they’re as ignorant about history as they are about biology. Our ancestor-witches weren’t witches. They were people who, among other things, committed the so-called sins of being old, disabled, single, too sexually active,… Continue reading “You are not one of the witches. You are one of the witch-hunters”

I see the biology experts have logged on again

A genuine post from a self-proclaimed “gender critical” feminist on Twitter today: I don’t believe trans women are allowed in lifts. Something to do with the HRT they take. Read it on Stonewall.

The LGB Alliance isn’t a hate group. It’s much worse than that

A must-read thread on why the LGB Alliance aren’t a hate group: they’re much more sinister than that. Well, that’s an oversimplification. They most certain are a hate group, and act the same as any other anti-LGBT hate group, but more than that, they’re something more sinister: They are controlled opposition. And that’s considerably worse.… Continue reading The LGB Alliance isn’t a hate group. It’s much worse than that

Twitter is not real

Whatever you think of the SNP/Green Party deal, it’s significant that 94.9% of the SNP membership voted in favour of a deal whose key points included GRA reform. Once again it demonstrates that the spittle-flecked anti-trans fury you see online isn’t representative of reality. But it is representative of what gets printed in the papers.… Continue reading Twitter is not real

New Zealand vs new zealots

This is beautiful. The anti-trans group Speak Up For Women sent many submissions to the New Zealand Human Rights Council, but while they posted their submissions publicly they didn’t post the response – even though the letter explicitly asked them to. The reason? The HRC handed them their bigoted arses on a plate.

Brain worms

Here’s a perfectly sane and normal response to Nicola Sturgeon’s post about the terrible events in Afghanistan. There are many more like it, as the anti-trans crowd hail the Taliban because they are apparently Gender Critical. These people have lost their minds.


Following on from my last post about “disruptive” tech firms, this excellent Jen Sorensen cartoon was published on The Nib (click <– for full strip).