Facts checked

The US advocacy group GLAAD just published an absolutely blistering fact-check of a very biased New York Times article that was yet again scaremongering about trans healthcare for teens, part of an ongoing panic that the paper has been fuelling for 16 consecutive months.

Among the key points is a staggering statistic. The number of trans teens getting gender-affirming surgery in the US, the subject of the endless why-oh-why articles in the NYT, is around 514 per year. The number of cisgender teens getting gender-affirming surgery, which includes operations such as breast reduction or breast enhancement, is 229,000 per year. And yet the NYT is not running any articles about that.

That’s not the only detail in the GLAAD response. It points out, using much more temperate language than I’d manage, that the supposed expert quoted by the NYT is a shill for the Alliance Defending Freedom whose testimony has previously been thrown out of court because he has no expertise whatsoever in trans-related healthcare. And the writer of the piece has been called out again and again for sloppy journalism that appears to be driven by an anti-trans agenda.

We don’t have GLAAD in the UK, but a post doing the rounds on social media currently names the key anti-trans writers who’ve been pushing the moral panic here – a panic that’s been implicated in the deaths of at least 16 people. And when you see them listed it’s notable how many of them are friends with one another; it’s saddening to see how few people it’s taken to wage war on trans people and open the door for the extreme right.

As someone put it on social media, you could pretty much end the UK media trans panic by poisoning the cocaine at just one dinner party.



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