Just ’cause you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there

I haven’t been called a child killer for a while, so let’s talk about Killer Wi-Fi again, shall we?

Gary Robertson’s show on BBC Radio Scotland this morning was about mobile phone masts, although inevitably killer wi-fi featured in there too. Gary’s a decent bloke and I do wonder what he makes of some of the callers, but what struck me about this morning’s programme wasn’t the depressingly predictable range of opinions – “yeah, well, scientists say there’s no danger but they always say that, don’t they? I mean, they say alien abduction isn’t real but I was taken into space last week and anally probed” and all that crap – but the way the killer wi-fi “debate” is yet again being fuelled by crap reporting.

What I mean by that is: in addition to the usual stuff, several of the callers talked about the recent Panorama programme about killer wi-fi, which countless bloggers have debunked and which various concerned parties have filed formal complaints about (if you didn’t see it, here’s a two-word summary: scaremongering bollocks). The fact that a BBC TV programme has covered wi-fi and suggested it’s a killer, it seems, is proof: forget science, Panorama says it’s evil!

Yeah, and Panorama said that cricket coach was murdered too.



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