Just ’cause you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there

I haven’t been called a child killer for a while, so let’s talk about Killer Wi-Fi again, shall we?

Gary Robertson’s show on BBC Radio Scotland this morning was about mobile phone masts, although inevitably killer wi-fi featured in there too. Gary’s a decent bloke and I do wonder what he makes of some of the callers, but what struck me about this morning’s programme wasn’t the depressingly predictable range of opinions – “yeah, well, scientists say there’s no danger but they always say that, don’t they? I mean, they say alien abduction isn’t real but I was taken into space last week and anally probed” and all that crap – but the way the killer wi-fi “debate” is yet again being fuelled by crap reporting.

What I mean by that is: in addition to the usual stuff, several of the callers talked about the recent Panorama programme about killer wi-fi, which countless bloggers have debunked and which various concerned parties have filed formal complaints about (if you didn’t see it, here’s a two-word summary: scaremongering bollocks). The fact that a BBC TV programme has covered wi-fi and suggested it’s a killer, it seems, is proof: forget science, Panorama says it’s evil!

Yeah, and Panorama said that cricket coach was murdered too.



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  1. We refer to the Gary Robertson programme as “The angry pensioners”. I wish they’d move ti to when I’m not commuting. I might start listening to GMS again then.

  2. Gary

    Haha, angry pensioners nails it completely. Brilliant.

  3. Stephen, I’ve deleted this so your contact info doesn’t stay up here. I’ll drop you an email.