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Two UK schools ban wi-fi due to witchcraft fears

OK, maybe not witchcraft. But the decision isn’t based on anything sensible, either. Via The Inquirer:

The Prebendal School in Chichester and a Welsh comprehensive, Ysgol Pantycelen, have pulled the plug on their wireless networks after parents lobbied about potential effects wi-fi could have on their kids.

As the Inquirer rightly notes, there is no evidence of any health risks from wireless networks. Yes, it’s possible that there may be, but on the basis of the evidence so far it’s equally possible that wi-fi will summon Beelzebub from the very depths of Hell. On a skateboard. Wearing a diving helmet and a tu-tu.

On a related note, the next issue of PC Plus magazine has a big article on this very subject by yours truly.

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> Will all those parents who are concerned throw away their mobile phones…?

Don’t be silly. Nowt wrong with things that receive signals. It’s things that send signals that are evil. Which is why it’s OK to give your children mobile phones but not to go anywhere near a base station. Similarly, there’s nowt wrong with radio signals per se, but the schools had networks. That’s NETWORKS! Eek!

At least, I think that’s the rationale.

Which is why it’s OK to give your children mobile phones but not to go anywhere near a base station.

Ironically enough, if it turns out that phone signals *are* dangerous then you’re safer the closer you are to a base station. Lower signal quality means mobile boosts its power, proximity effect, cook yer brain, etc etc etc.

>> PC Plus has an howto on raising the devil?

Oooh, when is that issue out?

It’s quite funny to read these stories when the parents are up in arms about something, yet they don’t actually know much about the subject, infact I’ll bet some of them wouldn’t know how to switch a computer on!

Well, you can laugh if you want but I happen to know that the guy down the road’s wifi summoned up two tatooed succubi who proceeded to do unspeakable things to him. At least, that’s what his soon-to-be-ex-wife says, anyway…

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