Sparkling transphobia

Another good piece by Vice: “Gender Critical” feminism isn’t feminist. It’s just transphobic

If you read the news, it’s easy to think that gender-critical thinking is the dominant mode of British feminism. That can be terrifying for trans and non-binary people, especially when we are increasingly bombarded with transphobic headlines; an IPSO report in 2020 found there had been a 400 percent increase in coverage of trans issues in the previous five years.

…Gender-critical feminists may have the powers that be and the far-right, but they haven’t persuaded other feminists. 

I don’t like the term gender critical feminist, because like intelligent design or race realism it’s an attempt to rebrand the unpalatable to make it acceptable (and like those framings, it’s repeated by journalists who aren’t doing their jobs properly). There’s nothing critical or feminist about reinforcing patriarchal gender roles and trying to roll back to the clock on equality.