Hate, speech

The trial of the teenage killers of Brianna Ghey, the young trans girl murdered in broad daylight earlier this year, has begun. And I’d strongly advise you not to read about it, because the details are horrific – a lesson I learnt the hard way. But on the basis of the prosecution’s evidence so far, her murder was in large part because she was trans. That makes the decision not to prosecute this as a hate crime all the more baffling.

The Daily Mail, which has spent years fuelling anti-trans hatred in the UK, is delighted by the horror: it’s titillating readers with the gruesome details and it’s now promoting a podcast promising “every twist and turn” in the “Brianna Ghey trial”, as if the murdered girl were the suspect and the trial a celebrity court case rather than a brutal and squalid tragedy. It’s a horrific reminder that as far as much of the press is concerned, trans lives don’t matter unless they can be used for profit.