Little thoughts

…none of which justifies an entire blog post: * I traded in a bunch of 360 games at the weekend: PDZ (because it sucks), Ghost Recon (because it’s too difficult) and Far Cry: Predator (because I’ve already played it on Xbox and can’t be bothered with the new mission). Result? Nearly sixty quid, which I… Continue reading Little thoughts

Microsoft’s bright iDea

The rumour-mongers are convinced that Microsoft is going to attack the iPod head-on later this year, and MacDailyNews reckons that the firm has an interesting gimmick for potential switchers: if you go the Microsoft route, Microsoft’s software will scan your copy of iTunes for any tracks you’ve bought from Apple and then let you download… Continue reading Microsoft’s bright iDea

Live review: Eels, Glasgow ABC

[photopress:sj3640.jpg,thumb,alignleft]I hate gigs. Unless you’re down the very front, the much-vaunted atmosphere of a hot, sweaty club is massively overrated in my experience: instead, you spend the whole night putting up with people who don’t really understand the concept of live music, and who make ten trips to the bar despite the obstacle of a… Continue reading Live review: Eels, Glasgow ABC

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Fake Plastic Trios

There’s a nice wee article in today’s Guardian about Hope Against Hope, a band on Myspace that was offered a gig by Alan “I signed Oasis, me” McGee: The difference is that Hope Against Hope are a scam, a spoof indie band “with no talent whatsoever” invented by Q magazine in order to prove that… Continue reading Fake Plastic Trios

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Ripping CDs to iPods is illegal, says BPI boss. No it isn’t, says BPI boss.

Q: Do you believe people who are buying CDs legally and copying that music to an iPod should be punished – as they are, in fact, breaking the law? A: Consumers don’t have the right to copy CDs in the UK and never have… BPI boss Peter Jamieson speaks to BBC online, January 2006. On… Continue reading Ripping CDs to iPods is illegal, says BPI boss. No it isn’t, says BPI boss.

Back, sort of

…although with 700 emails and about 3 feet of post to wade through, it’ll be a while before I’m able to do much. But a few quick thoughts: Some enterprising games company should turn the old RPG Paranoia into a console game. Dysfunctional sci-fi with a warped sense of humour… it’d be great. Looks like… Continue reading Back, sort of