Let’s start a b(r)and

The relentless march of advertising into music isn’t exactly new (although it’s still annoying: witness the increasing use of video screens to blast adverts at rock gigs, something that was previously confined to pop gigs such as Girls Aloud) but this represents a new low: Honeyshot have been put together by Saatchi and Saatchi as a vehicle for brands. As Popjustice puts it:

In spite of parading a level of pop integrity that makes Steve Brookstein look like Stephen Malkmus, we thought this might have been quite interesting – after all, most of the people working in advertising have better and more exciting ideas than most of the people working in pop marketing.

We were wrong. The single, ‘Do It’, is alright and the girls themselves seem perfectly likeable – but the band is shit, their video is shit, their website is shit, their styling is shit. The whole thing is just a shower of shit.

Popjustice goes on to give the whole thing a well deserved kicking.



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