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Microsoft admits: the Zune “iPod killer” exists. Hype time!


Microsoft has finally confirmed that its iPod-killer project, Zune, exists. Engadget has a good write-up of what we know, what we think we know and what we don’t know for sure, and the insider blogs have already appeared: ZuneInsider and Madison & Pine.

It’s all very interesting. More hype here and here.

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I do hope they change the name, for two reasons: it’s crap, and it’s potentially confusing (Creative’s range of iPod-rivals is the Zen).

I’m intrigued by all of this but I’m doing Real Work and don’t have time to blog about it just yet :) The hype sites are pretty transparent, but I do think Microsoft is hoping to do something that isn’t Just Another iPod Rival – although as everyone, me included, is saying it’s supposed to be an ‘iPod killer” that might prove difficult to get across.

Sorry, meant to add: there’s a *massive* amount of “fan” sites already, and all the ones I’ve seen are clearly viral marketing. That could get very annoying very quickly.

You’d have thought that at least they’d stagger the timing, rather than have 17 or 18 fan sites appear simultaneously. It seems rather inept.

From zunescene

“The iPod has a new enemy in town, with advanced wifi technology and a superior RAID 5 hard drive system.”

OK. 2 points. Advanced WiFi? I’m not sure I could use that since I’ve only got a normal WiFi router.

Raid 5. WTF? This thing has got more than 3 hard drives in a form factor that, at least by the looks of it, cannot take a single 2.5″ HDD? I know that there have been some advances in microdrives but if this thing has 3+ microdrives then you are moving it pricewise from being an Ipod rival to being a small family hatchback alternative.

> do you think it’s a bot?

Not according to the whois…

David, think The Onion. Two high speed cooling fans?

>I should go straight to bed after pub

yeah, but it would be quite amuzing if microsoft took the ‘re-use the xbox model’ thing too far and produced a personal music player the size of a PC now, wouldn’t it…

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