7 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. paul says:

    Nice Google ad with this post:

    The Final Countdown
    Detailed probe into Bible Prophecy of end time Free Monteith interview

  2. Squander Two says:

    Google could really do with a script that recognises the word “hate”.

    “I hate the Ford Focus! It is a bad car made by fascists!” — “Click here for great deals on the Ford Focus.”

    It gets particularly amusing on Ben Goldacre’s site. “Tired of wicked doctors in thrall to the military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex? Click here for herbs and lies!”

    No, I don’t have a point.

  3. Squander Two says:

    OK, I’ve actually followed the link now, and so can comment on topic. Amazing.

    What I don’t get about bands like that is, what is it that they hear when they listen to professionals like The Beatles and Aerosmith? It can’t be the same thing that we hear.

  4. Gary says:

    Assuming it’s not a gag… I vividly remember being in bands that were much, much worse than that, and we thought we were better than the Beatles and Aerosmith. Possibly because we were almost always drunk :)

    Google could really do with a script that recognises the word “hate”.

    Together with “moonbat”, “lunatic” and various sweary words.

  5. Gary says:

    Um, I can’t really say anything – the linked text is in Russian, which I can’t read.

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