Doctors speak out against Cass

The ongoing wrecking spree by Hilary Cass continues, but it’s getting significant pushback from medical experts. As Erin Reed reports, “both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Endocrine Society have categorically rejected the review as a justification for bans on care and have challenged many of its alleged findings.”

Every time Cass speaks to the press things get worse: she’s now suggesting that trans healthcare shouldn’t be measured in satisfaction or regret rates (which are exceptionally high and exceptionally low respectively compared to other forms of healthcare) but in factors such as “employment”, which suggests that she’s either completely unaware of or couldn’t care less about the discrimination that means one in three UK employers say that – despite it being illegal – they would refuse to hire trans people. And more details of the people in her review board are starting to emerge; many have links with pseudoscientific anti-trans organisations. Cass herself met with people from Ron DeSantis’s anti-trans administration and appears to have lied about it.

As the Endocrine Society says in a strongly worded statement:

“We stand firm in our support of gender-affirming care. Transgender and gender-diverse people deserve access to needed and often life-saving medical care. NHS England’s recent report, the Cass Review, does not contain any new research that would contradict the recommendations made in our Clinical Practice Guideline on gender-affirming care… Medical evidence, not politics, should inform treatment decisions.”



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