“Cancelled” has become shorthand for whose lives matter

This, by Jessica Valenti, is angry and true: The People ‘Cancel Culture’ forgot. That’s why a man who is accused of sexual harassment or abuse is ‘canceled’, while the women who accuse him are said to be taking part in a ‘witch hunt’. It doesn’t matter if those women left their school, jobs, or town… Continue reading “Cancelled” has become shorthand for whose lives matter

How Fox fuels moral panics

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is one of the most malign forces in the world today, and it specialises in fuelling division. Media Matters has identified a good example of that in the way Fox News has covered President Biden’s anti-discrimination order. Despite the order’s myriad protections, over the following week, Fox News aired 19 segments… Continue reading How Fox fuels moral panics

The science of discrimination

In the nineteenth century, scientists were very interested in the differences between men and women. Not because they wanted to know more, but because they wanted to justify oppressing women. So they came up with ever more inventive ways to define who was superior and who was inferior. As historian Susan Sleeth Mosedale writes in… Continue reading The science of discrimination

Conspiracy magnets

Something that’s become really apparent in the final days of the Trump administration is that cranks of a feather flock together. If you believe that the US election has been stolen, chances are you also believe that the COVID vaccine contains microchips, and that furniture shop Wayfair traffics stolen children. Thanks to Twitter I discovered… Continue reading Conspiracy magnets

A disgrace

The Good Law Project’s Jo Maugham notes that almost every supposed expert witness in the High Court puberty blockers case was dodgy. Most have overt links to anti-LGBT, anti-abortion Christian Right groups, notably the ADF and the Heritage Foundation. As Maugham writes: Even if you do not care to listen to the views of the trans… Continue reading A disgrace

The f*ggot debate

It’s that time of year again: straight people demanding the right to sing and play the uncensored version of Fairytale of New York, which contains a homophobic slur. Huw Lemmey did an excellent piece about it last year: Well, this is it, from now on. Like the War on Christmas, the faggot debate is set… Continue reading The f*ggot debate

Awareness of hypocrisy

It’s trans awareness week, and that means we get to see more pridewashing: as with other awareness weeks it’s an opportunity for corporations that don’t give a shit about group X to pretend they give a shit about group X. Here’s Twitter. TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS TRANS RIGHTS ARE… Continue reading Awareness of hypocrisy

Irredeemable bullshit

Dianna Anderson reviews Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. The book is at the centre of yet another trumped-up free speech row because US retailer Target chose not to stock it and Amazon chose not to take adverts for it. Some trans people are unhappy that it’s number one in the Amazon transgender… Continue reading Irredeemable bullshit

Famous friends

Jonny Depp lost his libel case against The Sun this week: a judge ruled that when the paper called him a “wife beater”, it was stating a fact. It’s worth reminding ourselves of the actual article that sparked the lawsuit: The Sun article was based on a blog post by the author in which she… Continue reading Famous friends

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Nobody checks anything

Yesterday, multiple newspapers reported the return of Woolworths, a retail chain that no longer operates in the UK. The story was in the Metro.It was in the Daily Star. It was in the Mirror. It was in the Brighton Argus, and Birmingham Live, and the rest of the UK’s local press. It was everywhere. It… Continue reading Nobody checks anything