An admission

It’s yet another week in the ongoing demonisation of trans women; former prime minister Liz Truss wants to introduce a member’s bill that would ban healthcare for trans teens and make it illegal for trans women to use women’s spaces, and a bunch of bigoted right-wing shits have made a film mocking trans women in sports. The coverage of both has been dreadful – for example most reports of Truss’s bill use the sense-free dog-whistle “biological males” instead of trans women, while the bigots’ film has been described as a comedy – and in the case of the movie, the coverage has missed a crucial point.

According to risible bigot Ben Shapiro, the film was not originally intended as a scripted movie. It was supposed to be a documentary. His intention was to get men to join women’s sports teams by claiming they were women, but when the men tried to do that they were told (politely, I assume) to fuck off – because you can’t just join women’s sports teams by claiming to be a woman. As Shapiro has admitted, the men “weren’t willing to go the full distance in terms of, you know, the actual hormone treatments and everything to play in some of the ladies’ leagues.”

Right-wing bigots in “making shit up to demonise minorities” shocker? This is my surprised face.

As is so often the case, writer and academic Julia Serano has been talking about this for years: as she wrote in her book Whipping Girl, if changing gender were that simple, that easy, far more people would do it. Actors would do it for roles, criminals would do it to go undercover, reality show contestants would do it for fame, women would do it to escape the glass ceiling and other discrimination, struggling gay or lesbian people would do it for an easier life. And right-wing assholes would do it to get on women’s sports teams.

The reason they don’t is because deep down, they understand that gender transition is not something anybody does lightly, that hormones have a profound effect on your brain and on your body. To be blunt, they weren’t willing to risk feeling for even a few weeks what many trans people have to feel for years or even decades.



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