One of these things is not like the other

Much of the media – including people such as Brendan O’Neill, who you may recall has bad opinions for money; he was defending anti-semitic dog puppeteer Count Dankula a few weeks back – is exercising itself over whether it’s okay to call angry white men “gammon”, which of course it is. Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson explains it very well here.

Meanwhile, Professor Tanya Bueltmann shares the everyday reality of social media for women who speak out against Brexit. The language is not remotely safe for work. Each example is from a separate message and there are 200-odd more that she hasn’t posted. I can provide countless other examples of women receiving this kind of shit for the grievous offence of Using The Internet While Female.

One of these issues is considered more important than the other and is generating hundreds of column inches. Can you guess which one?



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