Confirmed: a plausible rumour isn’t actually a fact

It’s an Apple scoop! From, on Saturday:

Confirmed: New iPhone Will Be Longer and Thinner and Have Smaller Dock Connector

Confirmed? Not so fast. iLounge editor Jeremy Horowitz posted some rumours, and…

These details match up with and expand upon his earlier reports, so this is seeming pretty credible.

That isn’t confirmation, and the Forbes piece was quickly and rightly mocked for its headline. The writer was quick to publish an apology:

Confirmed or Not, New iPhone Screen Size Makes Sense for LTE and Personal Cinema

Skipping gaily past the bit where the writer says that of course, nothing is official until Steve Jobs unveils it — a task that, as we know, has become more difficult since his death — the writer then explains all.

The old model of journalism, which I am as steeped in as anyone (even if I have spent most of my career on the visual side of the equation), was great for absolute quality, but tended to suppress individual voices in favor of institutional ones. What’s great about the blogging model, which has embraced full force, is that we are all out here trying to add ideas to the news cycle.

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