When readers won’t behave

This is brilliant: The Guardian hosts a reader Q&A with Neal’s Yard Remedies, an ethical beauty/homeopathic remedy company. The readers duly post questions and NY changes its mind about participating. [Via MetaFilter]

Linked below is a book [NY sells] on ‘Homoeopathy for Mother and Baby’. Given that homoeopathy has never been shown to have any effect distinguishable from placebo, do you regard it as ethical to profit from publications which seek to exploit the anxiety of new mothers to sell pseudo-medicines?

Does your part in the MMR scare make you feel guilty? Do you feel bad when you think of the children who have suffered measles and possibly even had brain damage or died because of the scare which you promote?

my bus has crashed – I’ve got a compound fracture in my right leg, the bone is sticking out from under the skin and is wedged into the ‘Used Tickets’ receptacle, my skull has had a good old thump against the seat in front and is impersonating a boiled egg after the first thump with the teaspoon, and my ribs have been broken into bits like a packet of smokey bacon crisps someone has stood on.

What herbs and aromatic oils would you recommend?

I notice you sell kaolin. If I eat enough of it, will I be able to shit crockery?

Who would win in a fight between a baboon and a badger?

Which homeopathic remedy would you use to treat the loser of the fight?

I’ve been soaking a £20 note in a bathfull of water for the last few days, is it ok to pay for an order using my new homeopathic money? I now seem to have rather a lot of it.