Wi-fi, mobiles still don’t eat brains

Sense About Science has published Making Sense of Radiation for the tinfoil hat brigade and newspaper journalists to ignore.

In summary it says:

  • Speculative stories about health risks and RF radiation often go uncorrected, leaving a trail of confusion that prevents public discussion and policy from moving forward.
  • To counter this they wanted to share some insights, like the fact that different types of radiation exist, that ‘cancer clusters’ are unusual and that by picturing what radiation is like you see that the ‘electrosmog’ metaphor is misleading.
  • Current research does not show that EMFs from mobile phones, masts and Wi-Fi cause harmful effects.
  • The scientists had a look at a range of products claiming to protect us from EMFs and concluded that they exploited people’s fears, were unnecessary and generally did not do what they promised.

[Via Technovia]

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