There’s something wrong with this swan story

About 200 years ago, I blogged about a Sun story claiming that asylum seekers were coming over here and eating our swans. The short version? It was bollocks. But it’s back! Back! BACK!

From the Daily Mail:

Immigrant was cooking swan surrounded by the bodies of slaughtered birds


In a squalid makeshift campsite by a north London waterway, a man was cooking his evening meal – surrounded by the bodies of slaughtered swans.

Mr Gibson did not need to look in the pot to know what it contained: the piles of feathers and stripped carcasses were evidence enough.

And that’s not all. The man was an immigrant!

By the time he had alerted the authorities, the man – believed to be an East European immigrant – had packed up his tent and fled.

Believed by whom? The article doesn’t say, but it does point out that the park is used by, y’know, foreign types. The article also reluctantly notes that by the time the authorities got there, the actual evidence of swan-cooking had magically disappeared.

The article continues:

Several of the campsites were littered with dozens of old car batteries but it was not clear what use these were being put to.

It’s obvious: asylum seekers are coming to our parks and electrocuting our wildlife! Happens in Eastern Europe all the time. My wife went to Poland once and couldn’t sleep at night for the sounds of quacking and zapping.

Far be it for me to suggest that the article’s a load of old bollocks based entirely on hearsay, but…