The war on cheese

A report commissioned by the Food Standards Agency suggests that cigarette-style warnings on dairy products could prevent all kinds of horrible deaths. The FSA says that reports are “overblown”, but doesn’t actually rule the idea out. So it’s going to happen, then.






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  1. Rory Webber

    Sweet lord. What’s next… warnings on bottles of water that too much can kill you? Blunting the ends of toothpicks?

  2. Wow. Reading more of that piece, the FSA are impressively thick.

    The messages include one informing consumers that two slices of buttered toast contain more saturated fat than four doughnuts

    Don’t know about the rest of youse, but that would encourage me to give up on toast and eat more doughnuts.

    “Dramatising the amount of saturated fat in foods in an unexpected and unappetising way proved effective, as almost all were repulsed by the idea of eating lard.”

    For this they needed to commission research?

    And it’s the McKeith fallacy again. “Look, here’s all the food you ate last week, all in one place, piled up higgledy-piggledy, and stone cold. Isn’t that disgusting?” Yes, obviously. And? Here’s a bath full of your gherkin-and-cauliflower shakes. Feel like drinking it?

  3. tm

    Its a bit sad that the food standards people are oding this, whilst at the same time people in say, bradford, are running campaigns to get some groups to have more milk and dairy products because ricketts is on the increase…

  4. I’ve just realised there is an acronym conflict here. In my world at work, FSA stands for Financial Services Authority. Since they are quite a bit more scary than the Food Standards Agency (and they’re an Authority, to boot) I’d bet on them prevailing…

  5. > an acronym conflict

    Technically, an initialism conflict.

    I’ll get me coat.