Booze hooligan announces government crackdown on himself

If only.

CHEAP booze deals in shops and supermarkets are to be outlawed, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill warned today.

That’s Kenny “detained in 2000 for being drunk and disorderly at a football match” MacAskill.

MacAskill says that the government “isn’t anti-alcohol”, and I think he’s telling the truth. After all, in June – in a move that surprised Scottish Rugby officials – he speedily scrapped the 25-year-long ban on drink at Murrayfield rugby internationals. The booze ban still applies to football, though. As he said at the time:

There is still a difference between football and rugby in terms of alcohol.

The problem isn’t booze, then – it’s the sort of people who get pissed-up and cause trouble at football matches. Like, er, Kenny MacAskill.