ASA clouts Clarins for phone fear nonsense

Remember those Clarins ads for face cream to protect you against evil electromagnetic fields? They’ve just been spanked by the advertising standards authority.

We told Clarins not to state that electromagnetic waves generated by modern-day devices or domestic communications equipment could damage or age skin or to imply anti-ageing and pro-health efficacy claims for Expertise 3P unless they held robust scientific evidence to support that. We also told them not to make an undue appeal to consumers fear of the harm that could be caused by man-made electromagnetic waves.

[Via The Inquirer]






0 responses to “ASA clouts Clarins for phone fear nonsense”

  1. Gary

    Incidentally, now this has been slapped down because it’s bollocks, reckon we’ll see an apology from the magazines such as GQ who reprinted the press releases from Clarins as news?

    Stupid question, I know.