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Those road pricing plans explained in full

Get off the road, peasants! Roads are for rich people now!

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Another shit idea from Nu Labor. There aint no real alternative to using your car in the Gloucs area the reasos for which are simple. Buses are pathetically unreliable, filthy and many are unroadworthy. The routes dont favour those who work for a living and they are expensive. Park and ride schemes-good idea when I we getting one? The buses are driven by big fat, tabbacco smoking, eastern european morons who are pig ignorant and cant bloody well drive aned often dont know where they are going ! Trains-ditto buses-except the bit about the drivers. Road charging or congestion charging-ok in principle but lets see the local councils getting off there big fat expensive arses and sorting out viable alternatives! On a seperate note-I think we should all be concerned no very concerned when the government have the ability to track our every journey! Nothing to hide? Well see about that then!

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