Glasgow logic

Glasgow does things differently to other cities: for example, when it was agreed that Glasgow really needed a bypass to relieve the ever-growing traffic problem, they built it right through the middle of the city. The same inspired approach to transport can be seen in Glasgow’s underground railway system, which shuts before the pubs do on weeknights and closes at 6pm on Sundays. I’m not kidding.

I’m not entirely sure why the subway can’t open longer – is it skinflint management? Stroppy workers? Both? – but it’s part of the reason why the city centre is so scary at night: on average 70,000 people descend on Glasgow city centre at weekends, and there’s sod-all public transport to take them home again. As you’d expect, it’s even worse during the festive season. So here’s what Glasgow’s come up with:

GLASGOW – Hey, subway drivers! Can you work later over the festive season?


GLASGOW – Hey, subway management! Can you do anything to solve this?



SUBWAY MANAGEMENT – We’ll run buses!


SUBWAY MANAGEMENT – Yes! Buses, which will run to all the subway stations! Which will be closed!

GLASGOW – Er, okay. I suppose it’s better than nothing. We’re going to be really busy this Christmas.

SUBWAY MANAGEMENT – Yes! It’s the best solution!

GLASGOW – So when will the festive service start?



SUBWAY MANAGEMENT – Yes! March! Maybe!






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  1. Ok, so maybe I won’t pop up over New Year’s, then…

  2. You know, you could stay in Glasgow and get wasted every night until (if) they do implement this. You get home (eventually, though that’s debatable with the amount of alcohol you could consume in that time) and their plan works. Everyone wins!

  3. A few weeks after I first arrived in the city, I arranged to go and meet someone quite late, went to the subway station, and it was shut. Not knowing where the hell I was going, I had made careful arrangements, researching the route and everything. It simply never occurred to me that the trains would shut down at 10:15 or whenever it is. ‘Cause you wouldn’t. Insane.

  4. Gary

    Same here. When I first moved to Glasgow I went to get the tube at teatime on a Sunday (can’t remember why) and, of course, the tube station was shut. The only sensible reaction was: WTF?