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More bans

Junk food ad crackdown announced

Junk food ads during TV programmes targeted at under-16s will be banned, under rules put forward by regulators. Ofcom says these foods include any that are high in fat, salt and sugar.

There will be a total ban on ads during children’s programmes and on children’s channels, as well as adult programmes watched by a large number of children.

Mr Biffo reckons that’s the end of kids’ TV as we know it.

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Thanks. Would you be shocked and stunned to discover I spent most of the weekend drinking alcoholic beverages? I suspect not.

A friend of mine has a serious sodium deficiency, and so is under doctor’s orders to pile as much salt as possible on her food. She’s a pretty good demonstration that this idea that salt is inherently unhealthy is utter bollocks. And people like her are going to be made to pay when the various anti-“bad”-food taxes take off. Which they will.

Mrs Bigmouth and I have a regular argument about this: I maintain that unless it’s actually poisonous, there’s no such thing as bad food; there’s just bad diet.

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