I hate to say I told you so…

Remember the various chats we had about the smoking ban, and my worries that it would encourage even more daft ideas? Here’s the latest one.

A GOVERNMENT adviser has called for junk food to be banned in public places to tackle Scotland’s obesity epidemic.

Professor Annie Anderson, director of the Centre for Public Health Nutrition Research at Dundee University, says eating junk food in public should be stigmatised in the same was as smoking.

Thing is, it’s difficult to argue with some of her ideas – not from a health point of view, but because some of the things she’s against are really annoying. Who wants to stand up for people who eat minging kebabs on buses, or who stink out cinemas with their super-sized buckets of mechanically recovered meat? Not me…






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  1. I do agree, there is nothing worse than sitting on a bus/train with a drunk trying to eat a fish supper. Normally because it smells so good, and your straving.. but otherwise – what about all the BK/McD etc *in* train stations…. ?

    Also, shouldn’t they try and stigmatise (sp?) people who talk loudly on mobile phones or listen to their mp3 player far too loudly, as if they have speakers attached to their heads instead of headphones!?

  2. Gary

    Apparently there’s a growing problem down south where kids play MP3s via their phone speakers on buses. Kids today, etc etc etc.

  3. Oddly enough ‘open’ food is banned on public transport. You’d never know, though.

  4. True, however smoking is banned too – but didn’t Stagecoach say that they advised their driver to not try and stop someone smoking on a bus?

  5. Squander Two

    Vic just made a good point: for the purposes of the smoking ban, “public places” included the insides of pubs and restaurants.

    (And, by the way, Vic is now well enough to be rolling her eyes at the stupidity of Scots politicians.)