Back, sort of

…although with 700 emails and about 3 feet of post to wade through, it’ll be a while before I’m able to do much. But a few quick thoughts:

  • Some enterprising games company should turn the old RPG Paranoia into a console game. Dysfunctional sci-fi with a warped sense of humour… it’d be great.
  • Looks like Glasgow Council has been at it again while I’ve been away: they’re extending their nightclub glass ban to all city centre drinking establishments, so if you’re in a restaurant and fancy taking your drink through to the bar then you’ll have to pour it into a plastic glass. Apparently ver Council also intends to bar sales of wine by the bottle, presumably to battle Cotes Du Rhone rage. Sheesh.
  • Italians? Stylish? Hahahahahahahahah.
  • Girls Aloud gig: decent gig (although I could have done without the appalling musicals medley) ruined by the worst sound I have ever heard at a big gig. Not sure it’s due to the SECC’s legendarily bad acoustics, though, because the nearer to the speakers you got the worse the sound became. Not that I particularly like the soulless cavern that calls itself the SECC, particularly when they adopt a ridiculous no-pass policy that means once you’re in the venue, you can’t leave for any reason whatsoever if you want to get back in. Sheesh, again.



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  1. > Italians? Stylish?

    c.f. the French.

  2. tm

    Actually I went to Paris last week and whilst there were a fair few slobs about in general people were noticably more chic than over here. Thinner too (although that may just be my impression what with my office being next to a gregs).

    Did see a botox enhanced, toy-dog equiped, chafeur driven, plastic sugery victim heading into an upmarket pharmacy at one point though. ‘Beauty’ isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be ;-)…

  3. Gary

    I had to do a double-take in Italy because I thought the Bride of Wildenstein was walking down the street. But no, it seems that there’s more than one surgery-obsessed lunatic in the world.

  4. RE: the drinking thing

    Postcript: A minor point for the politicians. If the Executive takes action as suggested and is supported by the Parliament, thus demonising drinkers, how long will the Parliament be able to keep its in-house bar? Or is it one rule for the parliamentarians and another for the peasants? Similarly, will the First Minister insist that it is necessary to keep more than £2000 worth of booze in Bute House

  5. tm

    The best part was that if I’d seen any one feature – the botox, the toy dog, the chauffeur – my mind would have pretty much filled in the rest by default, but in this case as I looked I saw each bit one by one – just where i would have expected it, like a wonderfully bad taste slow reveal shot.

    Hmmm the woman in that car has a toy dog….
    jesus look at those lips…
    heh, look at him run for the door…
    well those *certainly* aren’t natural…
    a pharmacy? I never have guessed…

  6. Gary

    Interesting link, Tony. Thanks.

    tm: yeah, the Wildenstein creature was a similarly slow reveal…

  7. > Or is it one rule for the parliamentarians and another for the peasants?

    Of course. The proposed English smoking ban won’t apply in Parliament.