“We’ve been TERFing and it’s so much fun”

In my book, I write briefly about a significant subset of the anti-gender movement: the “bored straight white women who spend too much time on social media and have taken up bullying as a hobby, claiming to be ‘the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn’ and trying to incite stochastic terrorism against inconvenient women like me.”

There was a good example of just that on social media over the weekend, as two bored and presumably straight white women shared a video of their excitement over their two-person protest outside an English Costa Coffee shop. Costa is the current boycott target of the UK bigot brigade because at a Pride event over a year ago, it hired a trans artist to paint an inclusive picture that featured a trans man. To bigots, this is a bat signal.

What’s notable about the video isn’t the hypocrisy of people who claim “TERF is a slur” happily saying they’ve been “out TERFing”, although that’s there. It’s the visible joy. There’s no pretence of “reasonable concerns” here, no desire to protect anyone from anything. It’s that to these women, being visibly and vocally hateful towards a minority is like a trip to the garden centre: a fun thing to do at the weekend; a jolly good day out.