Tory in “lying” shocker

I’m trying not to pay too much attention to the Tories’ culture war bullshit, of which a thinly disguised bathroom ban appears to be the current unlawful idea, but it’s always worth pointing out when ministers tell very obvious lies in support of their bigotry. Like this one, written in yesterday’s Telegraph by equalities minister and Satan’s little helper Kemi Badenoch:

A decade ago, there was no need to clarify who could use which toilet.

That’s a lie, and Badenoch knows it. The Equality Act was passed without alarm 13 years ago and clarifies exactly that. And the supposed woke push for gender-neutral toilets in schools that she rails against in the article was actively encouraged by, er, the Conservative government back in 2007 via the Department for Education. Here’s a BBC article about it.

Here’s a more correct version of Badenoch’s line:

A decade ago, far-right politicians and the press weren’t waging a war on trans women.