“Oh, you know the ones…”

Graham Linehan, the comedy writer who sacrificed his marriage and his career so he could hurl abuse at trans people and their allies on the internet all day, has been all over the press in recent days. But the only piece worth reading is this one, by Caitlin Logan in The National.

Some of the explanations for the ­cancellation offered in mainstream news publications include: “concern about Mr Linehan’s views on transgender issues”; his “views on sex and gender”; and his “gender critical beliefs”. This just in: wolf banned from cottage for “Little Red ­Riding Hood critical beliefs”.

I’m reminded of Andrew Lawrence’s joke about the conservative who claims they’ve been cancelled for their “conservative views”.

Con: I have been censored for my conservative views!
Me: Holy shit! You were censored for wanting lower taxes?
Con: LOL no… no, not those views
Me: So… deregulation?
Con: Haha! No, not those views either
Me: So, which views, exactly?
Con: Oh, you know the ones



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