“Rights for me, not for thee”

This report into the Women’s Declaration International, previously the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, is a must-read if you want to understand anti-trans lobbying and press. The WDI is supported by most of the UK’s anti-trans groups and most of the UK’s anti-trans advocates, including politicians and pundits; you may remember them from claiming to the UK government in a written submission that trans people were caused by watching “sissy porn” on YouTube. Which would be funny if the group weren’t so dangerous.

Little is known about WDI’s true origins rooted in historical anti-trans and anti-sex work activism in the United States and United Kingdom, their deep involvement with the Christian Right, and how those origins have impacted trans rights movements on a global scale. This report describes the scale and influence of WDI against a background of growing anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and violence across the globe… WDI works to roll back international human rights law to the 70s–the same time period when the Christian Right was ’declaring war’ against LGBTQ people.

As ever, the target may be trans people but the damage will be to all kinds of marginalised people.

A new carceral feminist beast has been born, growing in strength as they link arms with the Religious Right and state bodies, with catastrophic effects.