Believe them

This is a picture from an anti-trans rally in Melbourne yesterday. The men you see in the picture are neo-Nazis, members of the Nationalist Socialist Movement, and there are multiple videos and photos showing them proudly doing the Nazi salute. The reason you don’t see any swastikas is because displaying them in public in Victoria means fines of thousands of dollars.

The rally was for Kelly-Jay Keen, aka Posie Parker, who is one of the most high profile members of the UK anti-trans movement. A supporter of far-right goon Tommy Robinson, Parker has long used an image of Barbie dressed in a Nazi uniform as her online avatar and has urged men to take guns into toilets to “protect women” from trans people. She has also posted videos promising that women who oppose her views will be “annihilated”.

Remember the song “close to you” by The Carpenters? Replace birds with Nazis in the line “why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?” and you’ve got a great theme tune for Parker. When she held a rally in Glasgow’s George Square a few weeks ago, the neo-nazis of Patriotic Alternative were there to lend their support. When she held a rally in Brighton in September, the neo-nazis of Hearts of Oak were there to lend their support. And when she held a rally in January, one of her speakers happily quoted Adolf Hitler while evidence emerged of Facebook discussions where her supporters invited known neo-Nazi groups along on the understanding that they wouldn’t say or do anything racist.

I wonder what it is about the far right view-spouting, violance-advocating, Nazi-imagery-using Parker that makes her so attractive to neo-nazis? Maybe we’ll never know.

The event, like Parker’s other events, was titled Let Women Speak. Here’s a photo from the event showing a woman trying to speak.

The woman wanted to disagree with the views Parker and her fellow travellers were spouting. So Parker’s private security, cisgender men, grabbed her by the throat and wrestled her to the ground.

It’s notable that even given all the above, very few people in the so-called Gender Critical movement are distancing themselves from this. They can’t help it if Nazis share their reasonable concerns! The organisers of the rally refuse to condemn the actual Nazis who rallied to their cause, claiming instead that the Nazis were actually there to stand with the trans people. Which is an interesting take on black-shirted thugs seig-heiling and shouting at trans people while waving a banner that says DESTROY PAEDO FREAKS.

For the gendercrits, the presence of Nazis is actually helpful. They can look at the Nazis and persuade themselves that because they’re not that extreme, they can’t be the baddies.

But of course, they are. The neo-Nazis at these rallies, and outside Drag Queen Story Hours, and outside school libraries, are the very people the gendercrits’ stochastic terrorism is designed to attract. The anti-trans movement can whip up the hatred, but when the thugs start cracking heads they can reassure themselves that they’re not the violent ones.

When we tell you that the anti-trans movement is a fascist one, we’re not exaggerating. We’re not Rick from The Young Ones calling everything “fascist”. We’re pointing out that this is a movement that for many years has had strong, demonstrable links with actual neo-Nazis and their smiling, suited political enablers.

As this cartoon puts it:

When people tell you who they are, believe them.