No rush

Countering the constant flood of anti-trans bullshit is a Sisyphean task that many of us simply haven’t the time or energy to deal with, but a particularly egregious example is doing the rounds right now and it’s important to debunk it.

The lie: the Scottish gender recognition reform bill was rushed through by the Scottish Government.

The reality: as Nancy Kelley from Stonewall demonstrates, this is one of the most consulted on bills in Scottish Parliamentary history.

  • 5 years and 2 months of discussion and debate
  • 3 large scale consultations, amassing over 43,000 responses with a large majority in favour of reform
  • 67 hours of parliamentary debate and evidence gathering (during which anti-trans groups did not provide any evidence to substantiate their lurid claims)
  • 25 hours of parliamentary debate on proposed amendments at stage 3
  • A clear parliamentary majority in favour of reform at every stage of the bill

As Kelley writes:

This is one of the most consulted on bills in Scottish Government history. This is democracy and devolution in action. This is implementing a fundamental human right for trans people in Scotland. To consider triggering a constitutional crisis to block it is shocking.