I think this means I’m a toddler

It’s time for my annual joke: every queen should have two birthdays. Today is my second one of the year, because I legally became Carrie two years ago.

It feels much longer than two years, and sometimes I feel like this.

(click for full size image)

But more often, I feel blessed. This isn’t an easy road to walk but life is good. I’m happy. And that’s largely because of the people I spend my time with.

I feel blessed to know so many wonderful, beautiful, kind and hilarious humans, many of whom I didn’t know before I became me. They have made me feel happy, made me feel safe, and made me shoot expensive gin out of my nose.

I hope they, and you, have a very happy and joyful 2020 when it comes.

As for me, I’m going to the pub soon. After all, it is my birthday.