Probably not coming to a newspaper near you

One of the things anti-trans writers like to go on about is the spectre of “detransition” and surgical regret: according to them, trans-related surgeries are acts of mutilation that many people will go on to regret.

As ever, the facts tell a very different story. I’ve mentioned previously that the NHS in England reported a detransition rate somewhat different from the 80% claimed by the anti-trans mob: it was 0.47%.

Here’s more data, this time covering surgical regret rates from a much bigger sample: 6,793 people over 43 years.

Despite the large increase in treated transgender people, the people who underwent surgery but regretted their decision was 0.5%.

By comparison, the regret rate for knee replacement surgery is 20%.

As Christine Burns MBE, author of Trans Britain, points out:

If any other branch of medicine had such good results the doctors involved would be given medals. It says volumes about the state of mind of anti-trans commentators that they keep on trying to pretend that an outstandingly successful medical treatment is vastly regretted.