More pride-washing

We’ve seen Donald Trump metaphorically wrap himself in a Pride rainbow while viciously targeting trans people and letting trans asylum seekers die. Now it’s the UK Home Office’s turn to wave the rainbow flag while persecuting gay people.

Here’s their proud logo.

From the same week, here’s the story of the man they want to deport because they refuse to believe that he’s gay. And  here’s the story of another gay man they’re deporting to face persecution.

Late last year, figures showed that the number of LGBT+ asylum seekers refused by the Home Office increased by 52%. 78% of asylum claims that included a reference to sexual orientation were refused in 2017, up from 61% in 2015.

This is damning (emphasis mine):

The data, which the government only started publishing last year, shows that of the 5,316 asylum applications made on the grounds of sexual orientation over the three year period, 3,776 were refused.

Of the 2,908 claimants who appealed their negative decisions over that time, more than two thirds had their rejections overturned