A privileged position

It’s International Women’s Day today. As someone who’s played for both teams, transitioning has been a major eye-opener: when you’re living life in the body of a straight, white, middle-class man you don’t realise how privileged you are.

Privilege doesn’t necessarily mean you have an easy life. But it means that your life is not made more difficult because of a particular group you belong to. For example, if you’re straight and cisgender you don’t have to deal with the abuse and discrimination LGBTQ people experience. If you’re white, you don’t encounter structural racism. And if you’re a man, you don’t experience the world in the same way women do.

IWD isn’t about picking on men. It’s about recognising that the world is still an unfair place. From reproductive rights to the justice system, in education and employment, in the public sphere and on social media, in healthcare and in the home, the world is a different and often worse place for many women. IWD is about raising awareness of that, and of inspiring people to change it.

Today, some men on the internet will be shouting “Yeah, but when is international men’s day?” The answer, of course, is 19 November. But the real answer is that every day is international men’s day.