Be more Buzz

Just when you thought mainstream media couldn’t get any more stupid…

Sarah Cruddas is a science journalist. Today, she was asked to take part in a TV debate about whether or not we landed on the moon.

As she put it on Twitter: “It is not okay to debate science fact.”

There is no debate about whether or not we landed on the moon. There is the fact that we landed on the moon, and there is the fact that a handful of tinfoil-hatted fuckwits who shouldn’t be left alone with sharp objects post stupid shit on the internet. The existence of the latter in no way casts any doubt on the former.

The way to deal with these people isn’t to give them airtime. It’s to give them Buzz Aldrin. You may recall that when moon-conspiracy documentary maker Bart Sibrel approached the astronaut back in 2002 with allegations of fakery, Aldrin punched him.

Other science facts it’s not okay to debate include whether climate change is real, whether people of colour are physically or genetically inferior, whether vaccines cause autism, whether the world is flat and whether trans people are legitimate. If you’re commissioning “debates” on those issues or others like them, you’re a disgrace to your profession.