The Wee Blue Book: everything you’re being told is wrong

One of the things that’s really struck me about the Scottish independence debate is the astonishing amount of bullshit, usually from the No camp, that gets printed and broadcast. That’s inevitable when the majority of the media favours the status quo, but it’s pretty offensive to read or hear something that you know is utter bollocks go unquestioned.

Wings over Scotland is biased in the other direction, but at least it backs up its arguments with facts, figures and details of its sources – and its (free) Wee Blue Book does a pretty good job of telling the pro-independence side of the story.

You certainly don’t get this kind of honesty in the campaign literature, or in many of the newspapers:

Anyone, on either side of the debate, claiming to know as a matter of certainty what would happen to an independent Scotland’s EU membership status is a liar. Nobody knows for sure whether an independent Scotland would be admitted directly, because although the EU has offered to answer that question, it will only do so if asked by the UK government, and the UK government refuses to ask.

If you’re frustrated by the hazy optimism of Yes and the outright bullshit of No, The Wee Blue Book is well worth a look.