The coffee machine is broken. Everybody panic

My ongoing coffee machine destruction derby continues: this time the casualty is my Dualit Expressivo [], which managed to live for a comparatively lengthy 17 months before refusing to make anything other than faintly coffee-flavoured water while trying to flood the kitchen. That’s twice as long as lesser firms’ products ever managed.

That means it’s time to go shopping again. I suspect that cheap espresso machines are a false economy, but I’m hardly in a position to spend stacks either. I’ve heard good things about the Gaggia Classic. Any passing coffee geeks know whether that’s worth selling one of the children for?





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  1. Have you tried an aeropress? Cheap as chips but bloody good coffee. Easy to use too. Very smooth coffee.


  2. g24

    My stainless steel Gaggia Classic is over 10 years old and still going strong, used daily. Apparently, a lot of the internal components are borrowed from larger more commercial machines.

  3. Gary

    I have, yeah. It’s good but it’s a bit fiddly IMO. I found it faintly annoying so my wife would find it infuriating :)

  4. Gary

    I’m starting to think that’s what I need. The Dualit lasted reasonably well but something’s gone internally, it’s leaking all over the place and blasting water through too quickly. It’s not quite panic stations – with a bit of fiddling I can get an ok cup of coffee – but there’s no point replacing it with something that’s going to blow after a few months (as previous Delonghis did).

  5. I could imagine using it every day would be a pain in the rear, especially the state you’re in when you need coffee. You just want a magic coffee button, right?

    Coffee totally breaks me. A jolly pot of Assam first thing is more than enough to keep me going all day.

    — Ed

  6. Gary

    Yeah, we’re still in the trenches of baby-related sleep deprivation :) I think the aeropress is pretty good but it’s a lazy Saturday kinda thing, not a GOD I’M DYING AND I HAVE THREE ARTICLES TO WRITE emergency brain rescue.