“London has already broken away from the United Kingdom”

The Observer’s columnist Kevin McKenna is a great writer: I might not always agree with him, but the man knows how to make an argument. Today’s piece about what he sees as the inevitability of Scots independence is a belter.

Unionists, me included, have talked loftily about dangers of break-up and separation in a world that is thirsting for continuity and stability.

Yet we conveniently overlook the fact that London has already broken away from the United Kingdom and now exists as a world super-state governed by the greed of unhindered capitalism and recognisable as British only by its taxis and bad service.





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  1. Have been asked by one person (let’s call her Poppy – as that’s her name) down here where I stand on independence. (After qualifying that I am now a Londoner and rightly will have no say in the matter) I explained my journey to being pro, and that moving did nothing but cement those opinions.

    “But, how will you survive without all our money”
    “Daddy says…”

    Another country…

  2. Gary

    Haha, that’s brilliant.