Band names are hard

The last time I checked, David and I were working on some 22 tunes, so despite our famously fast work rate – some of the songs were “nearly done” in 2007 – it’s possible that we might actually finish something by early 2013. As a lot of it’s quite different from the stuff we did in Kasino, and because half of Kasino aren’t currently involved in it, if we ever actually put something out I’d like to do so under a different name.

Bloody hell, coming up with band names is hard.

And it’s even harder if you’ve got a stupid sense of humour, which I do.

Yesterday’s bright idea, which I’d already envisaged the typography and promo photos for, was ROCKTONAUTS. I know, it’s brilliant – you can see the 50s b-movie sci-fi imagery already, can’t you? – but it isn’t even remotely us. The day before? OWLS, which amused me, but it turns out that that one’s already been used. And today’s one is even less appropriate.


Coming up with a band name is much, much harder than doing the music.