How to stop OS X Mountain Lion from saving to iCloud

Mountain Lion is nice, but by default it wants to save things to iCloud – and if like me you create and save loads of documents every day that you want to store locally, that gets very annoying very quickly. Here’s how to change it so the default is your Mac’s hard disk:

Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal
Paste this: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSDocumentSaveNewDocumentsToCloud -bool false 
Hit enter, logout and log back in again.

And that’s it. You can undo the change by pasting the same thing but with “true” instead of “false”.

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  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. That looks an awful lot like an old Windows workaround. You know, exactly the sort of reason why some of us prefer Macs. Or did.

  2. mupwangle

    The main thing that annoys me about macs is that users claim that they are better than Windows PCs, but the majority of the reasons are either completely spurious or due to limitations imposed by apple. Macs don’t get viruses and malware is a good example. Because people believe macs dont get viruses or malware and, unlike Windows, Apple aren’t spamming users with updates, the majority of mac users don’t use AV software or patched OS’s. Then we find out that there’s a mac botnet of over half a million PCs. Apple know about it but don’t patch it for about 2 months. If MS did that they’d be nailed to the wall.

    Then there’s the accepted fact that Macs also don’t crash like PCs. This is entirely because most oddball software (such as scientific software or any niche stuff that isn’t a “creative” application is windows only) and only certain hardware devices are supported. If you buy any device there is a really good chance that there will be a Windows driver (somewhere) for it. The existence of a mac driver is unlikely. I have a mainstream HP laser printer. I am a pretty experience IT support person and I’ve never managed to print directly to the printer from the mac. I’ve only managed via a Windows PC share. How the hell would a non-techie manage?

    Not to mention that macs *really* hate keyboards. Why can’t you press enter to clear a dialogue box? For that matter, why aren’t Mac keyboards European standard? Have you ever tried running a mac keyboard (which are very nice) on a Windows PC? You have to install a hacked version of bootcamp, which then bugs you to update all the bloody time.

    I owed Gary money, so in return I bought him a memory upgrade for his apple laptop. Killed it. Kernel panic on boot. Unlike windows, which gives an error code on BSoD fails, the mac just tells you that it’s fucked in 6 languages. Nowt else. Luckily, in this instance, there were some forum posts with the identical issues with that type of memory on that laptop, so it worked out, but how the hell are you meant to troubleshoot a system that you can’t boot and doesn’t give you any errors.

    The other thing that surprised me about Mac OS X is that you can access a local machine using just the installation disk, even if passworded (unless using encryption). At least with Windows you have to download a dodgy linux program to do it.

    Another huge selling point for apple was that when you upgraded OS you would get a boost whatever hardware you used. That’s not the case any more. I have a mac that will happily run Windows 7 or even Windows 8, but not Lion.

    I’m not a Windows or Mac fanboi. I see benefits for both, but I do get irritated when people claim one is better than the other for daft reasons. Same with mobile OS stuff. Apple adding cut/paste as a new feature and allowing networks to block tethering; the apple stocks application; having to hack a Galaxy S2 to turn off the voice control (from the home button) or having to pay £5 to get a bit of software to stop it making noise when it’s charged (ICS update has fixed this)

    As I said before, I do this sort of shit for a living, and yet I get pissed off with random bullshit. Another good example is with the ipad/iphone when you use the mail application when you’ve got icloud set up, the delete button disappears and is replaced with something resembling the dropbox icon. On my ipad at least it appears that the default option to delete email is to archive it to icloud. It took me about an hour to work out how to change it to delete.

    As Gary said earlier about his printer – if a tech-savvy person struggles, what chance does a n00b have?

  3. > a memory upgrade for his apple laptop. Killed it. Kernel panic on boot.

    Been there. Apple told me that the logic board was faulty, and of course it was out of its guarantee by then. So if you don’t upgrade your memory within a year of buying the machine, fuck you. Interesting to hear it’s a common fault. (Either it’s common or it only affects two people who happen to know each other, which seems like a bit of a coincidence.)

    I’ve never understood the fanboys on either side, who seem to think that one company is inherently better than the other; I’ve always said that what makes both companies good is the competition. Imagine how shite Windows would be without Mac and vice versa. We’d all still be using command lines.

    PCs definitely used to be crashier than Macs, but that was a pretty low bar. I’d be hard-pressed to decide whether the Blue Screen Of Death or a kernel panic was more annoying. All machines have become far less crashy in the last ten years, but I think Windows’s improvement is greater than Mac’s.

    The leap from OS9 to OSX was huge, but the subsequent OSX releases have just involved incremental tinkering. Meanwhile, Windows have come out with XP, which was stable and worked and which I rather liked, Vista, 7, and now 8. Sure, Vista was a fuck-up, but at least they learnt from it. I like 7 and I absolutely love Windows Phone 7. I’ve tried the iPhone and can’t stand the thing, but the Nokia Lumia is an absolute joy to use. It’s mainly as a result of using it that I’m really looking forward to Windows 8.

    Best advice about which OS to go for is to pick cross-platform apps wherever possible so that you can switch fairly painlessly. The release of Windows 8 so soon after the release of the Windows version of Scrivener marks the point I abandon my Macbook. Have had it up to here with Apple’s treatment of their customers and their stupid prices. And in a few years I will no doubt have had it up to roughly the same height with Microsoft.

  4. Oh, I was going to say: One of the big differences between iOS and Windows Phone 7 is the on-screen typing system. Autocorrect pales in comparison. I need about two-thirds as many taps to achieve the same amount of wordage. And apparently that’s one of the things not implemented as well in Windows 8 as in Windows Phone 7, so Microsoft are already shooting themselves in the foot.

  5. Gary

    I think it’s important to note that there’s a difference between Mac annoyances and annoying Mac users. I like Macs, and I don’t like a lot of Mac evangelists.

    > I’m not a Windows or Mac fanboi.

    I’d really prefer it if people used “fanboy” rather than “fanboi”. Boi’s a sexually charged term so using it in a derogatory context is similar to saying “yeah, but people who like X are gay.” Pet hate :)

    > I do get irritated when people claim one is better than the other for daft reasons.

    Me too. And it’s unique to tech, I think. Even petrolheads don’t get as animated as mac/win fanatics. Mainly, I suspect, because petrolheads are older.

    > Imagine how shite Windows would be without Mac and vice versa.

    Without Windows there wouldn’t be a modern Mac. Microsoft’s investment in the late 90s, and its no-copying deal, saved Apple’s arse. It’s definitely a two-way street.

    > Best advice about which OS to go for is to pick cross-platform apps wherever possible so that you can switch fairly painlessly.

    Or at least to stick to widely supported formats.

  6. mupwangle

    >>Boi’s a sexually charged term

    Is it really? The only time I’ve ever heard it outwith game/pc related malarky, and without the prefix “fan” is in the Avril Lavigne song and I just assumed that she was being “street” in the spelling (as with the sk8tr bit)

  7. mupwangle

    AFter exhaustive (about 5 minute) research, I can’t find any evidence to suggest that the people who first used the term “fanboi” (or anyone since) were making any reference to either transgender, homosexuality or sexual submissiveness. The fact that the term, in a sexual context, has multiple and completely unrelated meanings makes it unlikely that anyone using for any reason was aware of the other.

  8. Interesting, though, that Gary reads this not-particularly-sexual word and immediately thinks “Danger! Gay sex alert!”

    Gary, I’ve got some inkblots here you should look at.

  9. Gary

    > immediately thinks “Danger! Gay sex alert!”

    Oh, fuck off.

  10. Gary

    Fair enough, but to my eyes it’s in the same category as “freetard”: a portmanteau where the latter half is derogatory. Many of the people who throw that one around don’t mean anything bad by it either, but it still makes me wince whenever I see it.

    Even if you disagree about the etymology, there’s still no need for it: we already have “fanboy”, and IMO using any other spelling is an affectation.

  11. Sorry. You know I can’t resist obvious lame jokes.

  12. mupwangle

    There’s a really obvious joke there too, but I’ll resist it.

  13. > Gary, I’ve got some inkblots here you should look at.

    Don’t look at them, Gary! They’re filthy and disgusting. Disgusting, I say!