An e-petition worth signing

I know e-petitions tend to bring out the green ink brigade – “bring back hanging for immigrants”, “repeal the law of gravity”, that kind of thing – but some are more worthwhile. I think this e-petition, which wants financial education for kids in schools, is worthwhile:

Companies spend billions on marketing and teaching their staff to sell – it’s time we got buyers’ training. The most cost effective way to start is to ensure every child in the country gets a basic understanding of personal finance & consumer rights before leaving school.





0 responses to “An e-petition worth signing”

  1. Squander Two

    Been saying that for years. Really annoys me, the way everyone wanders through life utterly baffled about why prices are what they are. Most annoying question ever, that you hear constantly: “How can they justify charging that?” — as if a price is based on morals or something.

  2. Hunnymonster

    We actually had it at school – got taught budgeting and how APR worked and all that jazz. Sadly out of 180 in my yeargroup at school I only know of a about 15 that understood it and about a third of those actually applied it.

  3. gary

    Yeah,that’s an issue. Still, better to try and fail than not try at all.