Ticket rip-offs strike again

I thought I’d seen every booking fee rip-off going, but apparently not: this morning I discovered that if I want to buy four concert tickets from Ticketmaster, I have to place two orders for two tickets apiece – which, on top of the booking fees, means I’m paying eleven quid in postage for four pieces of paper instead of the already ridiculous five-something quid.

Meanwhile, FlyBe’s price for a flight doesn’t include the seat, which is £6 extra. I know what you’re thinking, and no, you can’t just say you’ll stand.свети георги





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  1. CdrJameson

    I had the same shock from the FlyBe one, but despite the way it’s worded (and automatically added to your bill) you’re paying £6 for a specific seat.

    The alternative is to sit in an unreserved seat and enjoy your £6.

    Having flown on FlyBe once and experienced their constant attempts at gouging I swore they would never see a single penny of my money ever again.

  2. Gary

    Ah, the sneaky buggers have gone out of their way to hide the “continue without choosing a seat” option. Ta for the heads-up.

  3. g24

    Airline web sites are designed as puzzles to route you through every possible extra cost option. There are indeed no-cost options along the way, but well hidden.

    To be fair, costs are quite high for operating aircraft and running an airline and the competitive nature of the market means the headline price is super-sensitive so they have to claw back revenue by engaging customers in a maze-type game spiked with extra cost traps along the way.

    What will they think of next? Ryan Air may start charging passengers to take a dump, weighing each deposit in order to calculate the cost. They’ll also reduce their airport fees by using Tripoli airport as ‘Malta south’.

  4. Gary

    I’m too irritated to laugh at that :)