Kindles and iPads are the Tescos of tech

A wee Techradar piece about something that’s been nagging at me for a while:

As a gadget fan, I’m well aware that closed ecosystems such as iOS or the Kindle deliver the best possible end user experience. But I can’t shift the nagging feeling that when we welcome our new retail overlords we’re buying into something we might later regret.

I’m not sure I’ve quite nailed what I wanted to say here, but it’s close enough.

4 thoughts on “Kindles and iPads are the Tescos of tech

  1. Hunnymonster says:

    Luckily (as it stands) Kindle isn’t as closed as Apple – you can still put your own non-Amazon acquired content on to your Kindle either via USB or by email… but those of a non-techy nature can get their superduper experience too.

    I hope that situation persists.

  2. Stephen says:

    To be fair you can do the same on iPad: you can save any PDF (via browser or email) into iBooks. I often do this with manuals! And of course you’ve always been able to rip CDs into iTunes to get them onto iPad. I’ve had reasonable luck getting DVDs onto iPad, although it is a lot easier just to buy it in iTunes…

  3. Gary says:

    Oh, you can get your own stuff onto both platforms, but most people don’t do that for the majority of their content :)

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