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78% of burglars are not using Twitter and Google Street View to plan crimes

There’s a news story doing the rounds today: in the words of Metro, “A massive 78 per cent of ex-burglars” believe that other burglars are using social media and Google Street View to commit crimes.

I’ve nothing against advising people to be careful – the survey’s part of a national crime awareness week – but the survey that’s being reported here (and by Sky, and by others) simply found that 39 of 50 ex-burglars interviewed “believe” that other burglars probably use social media to identify targets. Three-quarters of the ex-burglars also think it’s “likely” that the baddies use Google Street View too.

What people believe and what is actually true aren’t necessarily the same thing.

R Kelly believes he can fly. He’s wrong.


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Reminds me of the time when Google STreet View launched in the UK. I spent a lunchtime perusing the streets when a colleague said
“it’s all very good but burglars can use it to see when you leave your home unattended”.

They thought it was realtime.

I work in IT.

My one was snapped just before I finally sorted out the front garden. On the internet, I’m bringing down the whole street.

My street was missed out because it’s not on the GoogleMaps map, as a result I assume it didn’t appear on their driving plan.

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